Group Order Tool

Ordering merch for your group is now easier than ever.

Group Order Custom Merch from Merchology

The hassle of group orders is a thing of the past with our new Group Order Tool!

We understand the complicated logistics of ordering swag for your team, employees, or any large group. The sizes, the shipping information, even the product selection can all be stressful pieces that are required for assembling a successful order. These pieces can also create room for error, resulting in problems throughout the entire process. 

This tool will allow you to effortlessly order your custom merch through a site that is customized specifically for your group. We work with you to select the perfect products and bundles to offer to your group order members, then finalize every detail down to the logo decoration options. We take it from there!

It’s time to get excited about ordering merch for your team, and we’re happy to offer you this tool to make this a fun, easy process.


Use the Group Order Tool From Merchology


  • Easily collect recipient information
  • Dashboard of order status and recipient status
  • Email notifications with group order status
  • Secure link with optional password protection or invitation-only access
  • Optionally upload a list of recipient email addresses for extra security
  • Direct shipping to the recipients
  • All shipping addresses are verified


 Recipient View of the Group Order Tool


Ready to start your next group order? Contact us to get started!




What do I need to get my group order started?

All you have to do is reach out! We will get your order up and running in no time.

Can the group order be available to anyone, or just a select group of recipients?

Either! You can use your unique URL to share your order with anyone, or you may provide us with the names and email addresses of your selected recipients. You can protect your store with a unique password which can be shared along with the URL for protection, or we can send verification codes to each recipient if their information is provided.

Will the recipients be able to see mockups of the products they choose?

Yes! Logo mockups will be shown on each product page.

Do I need to remind the recipients of order deadlines?

Nope! If you decide to provide the email addresses of recipients, we take care of all notifications and reminders.

How do I complete payment?

You will receive a link containing a completed shopping cart once your order closes. All you have to do is enter your payment information!

If a recipient enters the wrong information, can changes be made?

Yes! There are a few ways to correct any errors. The recipient may resubmit their order, as we will use their most recent submission, or they can reach out to the group admin or contact us for assistance with updating information.

Do you ship group orders internationally?

Absolutely! Your representative will inform you of duties and taxes.

Will I have visibility to past group orders?

Yes, all past group orders will be stored in your account and visible on your dashboard.

How long will it take to get my order?

All orders ship within 7-9 weeks after the group order closes.


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