Company Event Guides & Resources

Custom branded apparel, swag products, and corporate gifts are great and all, but they won't connect nearly as well with employees and clients alike without the proper workplace event or company party to leverage their marketing power. Corporate event planning can be tricky and time-consuming, but in the end create a happier, more cohesive crew and a higher level of employee appreciation. Merchology has put together comprehensive company event planning guides to help the planners through each and every step from budgeting to clean up.

From workplace holiday parties and corporate summer barbeques to large company conferences and business launch events, learning how to plan a company event can take hours of research. Luckily, here at Merchology, we've done the hard work to make sure that supporting and celebrating your group can be a breeze! Whether picking a company event venue or narrowing down the  logo branded clothing and corporate gifts that will be handed out; these company event planning guides can make it simple. Happy planning!

Company Special Occasions

From corporate launch parties to end-of-the-year company events, sometimes nothing is more fun than celebrating big times with your coworkers. Read through these corporate holiday event guides below to learn more about everything from company party decoration ideas and Christmas plans for the office to corporate event themes that can work year-round!

Workplace Seasonal Events

Corporate events and business meetings don't have to be stuffy! Make the most of your company gatherings and events with help from Merchology. Learn more about choosing the the perfect corporate event venues, planning wonderful corporate training events, and fun workplace activities such as company golf outings and corporate summer parties!

Merchology would love to help!

Be sure to check back, we're always adding more resources to help you organize the best company events possible! Check out our Resources section to learn more about how to order logo branded merch or Custom Merch Buyers Guides for even more useful information. Throw your team members a company holiday party they'll be talking about all year with help from Merchology!

Have a specific idea in mind for your company party? Looking for the perfect bulk employee gift to fit your corporate party theme? No worries, Merchology has your back! Give one of our expert Merchologists a call and we'll help you find the perfect custom company gift for your team! Contact us today!