Case Study: Wiley Co. Employee Baby Gifts

Wiley Co. Creates Custom Baby Gift Boxes for Employees

Welcoming a baby into the world is one of the most special moments in life. It’s exciting, scary, and loaded with possibilities. Bringing a new baby home is life-changing, and it affects every aspect of who we are and what we do. Everything becomes more complicated as you consider this new little one, no matter the circumstances.

One piece of our lives that is majorly affected is our work. We have to plan our leave, make sure all of our responsibilities are taken care of, and then try not to worry about it when we’re gone. That’s why it’s so meaningful when our employers and co-workers are understanding and kind during this crazy time in life.

WileyCo is one of those companies that values the sacrifices that working parents make. Their team decided to start creating customized baby gift boxes for employees as a way to show their care, appreciation, and excitement for parents of new babies! The Wiley team chose custom merch as the base for their baby gift boxes, and then added some of their own items to top them off!


Custom Baby Gifts from Merchology


Wiley Custom Baby Gift Box Items

The WileyCo team selected some fan-favorite custom baby products to add to their gift sets. These gifts are thoughtful and useful to parents of new babies, and the added logo is a small reminder of how the WileyCo team cares for its employees!

Custom Rabbit Skins Black Infant Baby Rib Onesie

The custom logo Rabbit Skins Baby Rib Onesie is a super soft, standard-fit onesie that’s a perfect addition to any baby gift set. You truly can never have too many onesies, and the logo-printed Rabbit Skins Onesie is useful for prepping your diaper bag in case of an on-the-go emergency. This custom onesie comes in newborn, 6-month, 12-month, 18-month, and 24-month sizes, so you’ll be able to find the right fit for your recipients. It comes in black, white, and grey!


Custom Rabbit Skins Black Infant Baby Rib Onesie Custom Rabbit Skins Heather Grey Infant Baby Rib Onesie Custom Rabbit Skins White Infant Baby Rib Onesie  


Logo-Embroidered Port Authority Ultra Plush Blanket

Another must-have for custom baby gift sets? A plush, cozy blanket! WileyCo chose the logo-embroidered Port Authority Ultra Plush Blanket in Deep Navy, Graphite Grey, and Fawn! This custom blanket is cozy enough for nap time and warm enough to keep baby warm on chilly days. Your logo appears in the corner, acting as a subtle but clearly visible pop of branding power. In addition to these three colors, the custom Port Authority Ultra Plush Blanket is available in five other shades and patterns, including quatrefoil and buffalo plaid!

Logo-Embroidered Port Authority Fawn Ultra Plush Blanket Logo-Embroidered Port Authority Deep Navy Ultra Plush Blanket Logo-Embroidered Port Authority Graphite Grey Ultra Plush Blanket 

The Wiley team finished off their corporate new mother's gift box with other personal items like plush toys, a personalized note, and fish oil supplements!

Customized Gift Boxes

WileyCo created its own gift boxes and added branded merch, which can be a great solution for employee gift boxes. At Merchology, you can also build and customize your own full gift box! You can decide your budget, choose your products, and customize a branded MerchBox with exactly what your team needs.

Creating curated gift boxes is a great opportunity to bring intentionality into your corporate gifting. Read this guide from Merchology for more reasons why it’s an awesome idea to create your own curated gift set and tips to get started!


Create Your Own Custom MerchBox

The Ready-Made Custom Baby Gift Set

Are you looking for corporate gifts for parents of new babies, but struggling to find good ideas? The Bundle of Joy MerchBox is the perfect, ready-made gift box for parents! Along with the custom Rabbit Skins Infant Rib Onesie, the Bundle of Joy MerchBox comes with the following:

Custom Bundle of Joy MerchBox

If you’re looking for a smaller baby gift set at a lower price point, the Bundle of Joy Lite MerchBox is a great option for you! It comes with the custom Rabbit Skins onesie, the logo-embroidered Alpine Fleece Mink Touch Luxury Baby Blanket, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar Board Book & Plush!

Custom Bundle of Joy Lite MerchBox

It was great working with WileyCo, and we appreciate their care and attention toward the families with new babies on their team! We’re excited to see how these custom baby gift boxes bring joy to their team members!

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