Buy Now, Ship Later

The Buy Now, Ship Later solution was created with your busy schedule and budget planning in mind. 

Buy Now Ship Later Image

Stay on top of all of your merch needs with our new Buy Now, Ship Later solution. This service allows you to purchase and customize your merch in bulk, safely store it at our facility, and release your products upon request.

With Buy Now, Ship Later, you have complete control. Spend your budget at your ideal time, without worrying where you will store your custom gifts. A timeline that is created by you can vary from scheduled monthly shipments, to ongoing scattered amounts. 

Using this solution, you can stay on top of your corporate gifting with much less work required on your end. No need to take up valuable storage space in order to have merch on hand, and leave behind the hassle of shipping, as we take care of it all. 


  • Spend budget now, ship Merch when needed
  • Lock in inventory while it’s available
  • We securely store your merch for you, no more overflowing office merch closet required!
  • Request merch shipments from Merchology’s warehouse as needed, to whatever addresses you provide (including residential and international)

Perfect For:

  • New Hire Packages
  • Employee Anniversaries
  • Sales Incentive Programs
  • Secure Inventory and Plan Ahead for Corporate Holiday Gifting
  • Company Milestones
  • Employee Team Activities

How does it work?

With you being in control, your shipments are decided by you! You are also able to easily reorder your merch to add to your stored collection. Here are two popular timeline examples for a Buy Now, Ship Later order:

Image of Buy Now, Ship Later Scheduling Options

Scenario 1: Buy now, store with Merchology, release your shipments all at once on a predetermined date.

Scenario 2: Release your merch upon request, varying the quantities and ship-to addresses each time

Buy Now, Ship Later Criteria:

  • Payment CIA or invoiced at time of order
  • Domestic shipping is paid up front
  • $1 picking and storage fee per item
  • International shipping charges vary, and will be paid at the time of release of product, instead of at order placement
  • All product must be packaged in a set or bundle after decoration
  • 50 prepackaged bundle minimum
  • Once product is packaged, it cannot be undone
  • If addresses are not valid, we need a default address to ship the returned goods
  • Products limited to one size fits all and unsized items
  • Products are subject to international duties, taxes and rules of trade/regulations. This varies from country to country, and these regulations are changing frequently.

Ready to start a Buy Now, Ship Later order? Contact us to get started!


How do I stay informed about my merch inventory and available bundles to ship?

Simply reach out to us for updates, and any member of our team will be able to assist you.

Are shipping addresses needed at the time of order placement, or at the release of each bundle?

Shipping information will be collected at the requested release of bundles.

Do all bundles need to be the same within my merch inventory, or can I create multiple variations to be stored?

You may create different variations to be stored in your merch inventory, however there is a 50 bundle mininum per Buy Now, Ship Later order. Just be sure to correctly specify which bundle needs to be picked at the time of its release! 

Is there a maximum or minimum quantity per release of bundles?

No! Ship as many or as few bundles at a time.


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