Amazon's Employee Recognition Group Order Tool

Helping you and your company recognize your employees is one of our most important jobs. Whether you need to recognize a completed project, hitting numbers, or celebrating company growth, we are here for every recognition occasion! Our wide selection of products, dedicated customer service reps, and ability to completely customize your shopping experience are why we are your number one option when it comes to custom employee recognition gifts.

We recently helped Amazon out with a large employee recognition order, and it may inspire you to revamp your custom merch collection or start a new custom bundle order. Amazon wanted to thank their employees for all of their hard work during “peak season”, which required a vast product selection that would suit many different individuals!

Merch Solutions - Group Order Tool

We know that one gift doesn’t exactly suit everyone, and we know that this can be a hurdle when choosing corporate gifts for your team. Our Group Order Tool makes it easy to select multiple products for your employees to choose from, eliminating the stress of finding a product that suits many different demographics. By offering three different merch bundles through our Group Order Tool, Amazon was able to achieve the goal of gifting merch that suited every employee. Thanks to the functions and capabilities of our Group Order Tool, each employee was able to personally go into the custom platform, select their merch, and complete their order. Amazon admins didn’t have to stress about incorrect sizing, incorrect shipping addresses or simply picking out products that not every employee could benefit from. 

Our Group Order Tool was created exactly for this reason. We’ve perfected the art of group orders by allowing your team to input their selections, sizes and information so you don’t have to. No matter how large your group order is, this Merch Solution will make your employee gifting a breeze… just think of the time you’ll save! The Amazon Group Order Tool allowed for over 5,000 employees to effortlessly select their gift of choice.



The Bundle Options & Custom Merch

Recipients entered the Amazon Group Order Tool and were able to view three different merch bundle options. Each bundle offered a different combination of merch, all repping the same sharp Amazon logo!

Take a closer look at the custom merch:

Bundle 1:

Under Armour Team Hustle Backpack 3.0:  This backpack is ideal for a daily commute and transporting your laptop and belongings to and from the office. With a padded laptop compartment, additional internal and external pockets and padded straps, it's the perfect corporate bag selection for everyone on your team!

Field and Co. Gray Plush Blanket:  This throw blanket will be your team's new year-round favorite comfort item, made even better with your embroidered logo in the corner! 


Bundle 2:

Under Armour Team Hustle Backpack 3.0:  This sharp backpack can also be the perfect companion for an outdoor adventure! It features Under Armour's well-known UA Storm technology for extra weather resistance, and its straps include Heat Gear technology for temperature regulation on a hot day.

BruMate Hopsilator Trio: Your favorite canned beverages have met their match with this insulated can cooler! Fitting both 16 ounce and 12 ounce beverages, you can be confident that your drink will stay chilled all day long while you also show off your logo.


Bundle 3:

Under Armour Team Hustle Backpack 3.0:  It doesn't get much more classic than this Under Armour backpack! There's a reason (or a few!) that this backpack is one of our best sellers. A large of amount of organization pockets, comfortable straps and the perfect spot for your company logo are just a few to mention!

Stormtech Nautilus Vest: This vest is the ultimate layering piece for transitioning from season to season. Great for outdoor adventures, this vest features water resistant fabric and a quilted weight for optimal protection from the elements.


How Merchology Made It Happen

Ordering merch for over 5,000 employees is a big job. However, thanks to Merchology’s tools, product selection, and drop shipping capabilities, each employee was effortlessly gifted the merch bundle they deserved. This order was shipped directly to each team member’s doorstep, both domestically and internationally. We take pride in our ability to reach your project goals and bring your vision to life no matter how big your team is. We believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice quality, top brand names or expert logo decoration for any reason!

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