AECOM Employee Recognition Project

The Purpose

When AECOM wanted to reward their team members who were working on COVID-19 related projects, they needed high quality merch, in a large quantity and with a relatively quick turnaround. AECOM employees were instrumental in successfully converting vacant local event centers into field hospitals. Hospitals that were experiencing patient overflow due to COVID-19 could use this space to treat their patients comfortably. A custom jacket to commemorate the efforts of these hardworking team members was the perfect token of appreciation.

AECOM came to Merchology with a need for 50 jackets, multiple logos to be applied, and a very fast approaching deadline. Although they were doubtful that customized merch would be able to be delivered before their event, they had worked with Merchology in the past, and knew we could make it happen. A dedicated Customer Success Manager gathered quotes, logo decoration details and a project timeline promptly, and AECOM was relieved that Merchology could deliver success once again.

The quick turnaround allowed AECOM’s project to be successful and efficient, as the jackets were able to be delivered in five days to reward their team. AECOM was also able to select a brand they knew and loved (The North Face), thanks to our wide array of trustworthy brands. The dedicated and responsive customer service, fast lead time and product selection proved to be the winning combination and brought AECOM’s vision to life.

We talked to the project lead from AECOM to learn about her experience working with Merchology:

Why Merchology?

Merchology is great. The quality was awesome, they shipped it directly to my event, the product was there when Merchology said it was going to be there, and the attendees loved the items. The website is so easy to use. I feel like as a customer, I am able to go in there and see what is going on. Every time we needed to turn something around quickly, all Merchology would say is: “No problem, we can do it!” Any quick changes we needed to make, Merchology was right there! It is a very professional organization and they provide ideas and are definitely problem solvers.

Tell us about your recent events where you partnered with Merchology.

This specific COVID project involved AECOM employees who were instrumental in transitioning event centers into field hospitals to treat people with COVID. Since event centers are empty right now due to the massive event cancellations in light of COVID, these spaces have served as great temporary field hospitals to host patients during a time where hospital capacity is maxed out.

As a thank you for going above and beyond on this project, we wanted to give these hard working employees some custom jackets with the AECOM branding and two additional project logos on it. We turned to Merchology for help. Merchology was able to ship all 50 of these customized jackets to our event location, within 5 days after we placed the order.

What impressed you the most about working with Merchology?

The customer service was the most impressive. Our Customer Success Manager did an amazing job! Turnaround time would be second and quality of the brands would be a close third. The brands they carry are of very high quality. We are all moving so fast and being able to order products quickly is huge.

How can Merchology delight even more in the future?

Honestly, I cannot think of anything. The website was easy to go through, the Customer Success Manager was easy to reach…everything was effortless.


Next Steps: